A Thought for Today


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I came of out the broom closet 38 years ago and it has not always been easy. There are places I have lived where I had no friends just because I’m Pagan and practice The Craft. One place, I do not know who but, they painted a cross on my door and underneath it had a sign stating I should be burned on one or at least confess my sins so I could be saved. I am not ashamed of being Pagan and being a witch.

I do not get up in peoples faces trying to tell them my religion is the only right one and unless they accept my Gods and/or Goddesses they will go to hell. I do not believe in a hell or heaven in the Christian sense. I do not believe some man died so all my “sins” could be forgiven. I believe I am responsible for all of my words and actions, good and bad.

I do believe in explaining my religion and being a witch if asked why I where a pentacle or how can I worship Satan and evil. I believe the only way to help others overcome their prejudice and stereotyping of witches and pagans is to educate other people as the opportunity arises.

Be proud of who you are always in all ways!

Blessed be.

Text Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane