A Thought for Today



Picture from WOTC website. Thanks, Lady of the Abyss!

Not only is this a day for Americans to celebrate winning our hard fought freedom from the British but it should also be a day to remember those that fought so hard and sacrificed so much for us to have it. Not just the brave men and boys but the women and girls that gave up so much also.

Say a prayer of thanks today for our Fore Fathers and Fore Mothers or remember them some way while enjoy the day.

Blessed be.

5 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Happy 4th July to you Lady Abyss from a Sister Witch in Australia,⭐️. Sry it’s been quiet from me but I’ve been busy trying to workout WordPress at long last amongst other more mundane matters. But I have finally published two very long blogs after deciding to change my theme because it was driving me crazy, I wish I knew hot to set everything out like you have so beautifully on your blog.
    I’ve written a blog that I’m sure could interest many of your readers too. So check it out and it’s all my own true story of my own experience using Witchcraft, the occult and even a certain “Entheogen” that has been used since ancient times by many shamans & pagans not only for changing consciousness but also for chronic pain which I’ve survived for over 12 years. So anyone reading this please come and check it out? Just click on my pic below and the WordPress link is on there.
    Hope that’s ok to say on here Lady Abyss? As I’m also trying to write a book as well. However I’m not always finding WordPress user friendly as I’m far from a computer expert. Lol
    We’ll have a great day on the 4th of Juky!!!
    Blessings & love,
    CazWytch. xo


  2. Also Happy 4th July Lady Beltane! Now I’m confused as to which blog I am on? Sry it’s nearly 1am here and I’m getting a bit confused with WordPress. Either way I really love the beautiful pentacle that’s above made of tree branches, This altar looks so very pretty!
    CazWytch xo


    1. LOL…Your on Coven Life. At 1 AM I’d be confused too. Thank for the compliment on the altar. That is mine from Summer Solstice. I made the pentacle from branches of five different trees in my yard and it is held together with my hair entwined, so it is a very personal tool for me.


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