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A Thought for Today



Picture from WOTC website. Thanks, Lady of the Abyss!

Not only is this a day for Americans to celebrate winning our hard fought freedom from the British but it should also be a day to remember those that fought so hard and sacrificed so much for us to have it. Not just the brave men and boys but the women and girls that gave up so much also.

Say a prayer of thanks today for our Fore Fathers and Fore Mothers or remember them some way while enjoy the day.

Blessed be.

A Prayer of Thanks

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Lady Mother, I give thanks:

I give thanks that our highest court stood on the side of love and our families.

I give thanks that one long fight is over at least legally.

I ask that people’s closed hearts be opened and that they see it was just about loving and not about sex.

May they see us and not the prejudice they’ve been taught in an old book.

Help us remember why we did this and all those who are gone that we did this for.

Let us remember there is more to do and that no one deserves to lose their livelihood or the place they live because of who they love.

Be with all those who still suffer due to other people’s hate. Let this become a world more open to love.

Let us love ourselves even when the world may not love us and may every…

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