A Reiki Bank

Reiki Bank

This is the Reiki BAnk. It is filled by Reiki practitioners from around the world. You may draw energy from it whenever you need it. Look at the picture…imagine you are walking along the shoreline… feel the gentle breeze of Air, the warmth of the sun of Fire, your feet feel the gentle lap of Water, as you walk barefoot upon the Earth. Take in this healing energy, let it embrace you and flow where it needs to go. Take a deep breath and release. Return whe you are ready.

Copyright 2015 by Wolf Wonman Ways

A side note- When you get done it is always a good idea to drink a glass of water and just sit still for a couple of minutes. THe reason for this is this is very similar to a meditation and it gives you time to slowly come bacfrom the metaphyiscal world.