A Thought for Today – Balance in Your Life

One year, on a Tuesday morning about 7:00 AM, after no sleep since Monday morning, I was walking to my part time job at a friend’s puppy store feeling pretty grumpy and out of sorts. I looked up to my right and saw a half Moon “Now that’s cool!” I exclaimed out loud because looking to my left the Sun was rising. I took the time to welcome Ra (Egyptian Sun God) and the lovely Lady suddenly feeling energized and more myself. The couple of minutes, I took to do this reset the tone for my entire day. From one of UGH, I have to go listen to and clean up, after all these animals to SMILE I get to spend time with these beautiful animals.

My typical day when I would go in to open the store my job was very physical; cleaning puppy and older rescue dog kennels, bathe and primping the puppies and rescue dogs to be shown that day as well as cleaning their playpens in the front of the store, mopping, feeding, watering, etc…well you get the idea I’m sure. After working three and a half hours, with no sleep, I dragged my weary body home to do laundry then eat, take a hot shower and go to sleep finally at about three in the afternoon. My familiar, Cleopatra a beautiful Min Pin, was co-operative that day and only waking me once about 4:30 or 5 for her dinner and a short walk my husband took her out later and let me sleep for about thirteen hours straight with the one necessary interruption so I could go into work refreshed the next day.

I woke up Wednesday feeling totally out of balance again. I am very tied to Mother Earth and her changing seasons. Where I live we had an extremely mild winter for us, which many saw as a blessing. In many ways, I did too but still Mother needs her rest and hibernation time so when she awakens she is rested ready to help nourish us and all other living things on her. Well the weather here for this time of year should be in the mid to upper fifties (all temperatures are in F. or American temperature degrees) to maybe low sixties and going down into the low thirties at night. Instead for the last two weeks it has been in the mid to high sixties even going to eighty-one degrees yesterday and the low fifties to high forties at night. Needless to say, Mother is waking up extremely fast after a fitful winters rest.

“So what does all of this have to do with balance in your life?” you may be asking yourself about me around now. The answer is my body is having a hard time adjusting to Mother’s so rapid a wake-up. Yesterday (Wednesday) I felt more like I had a tie to Air being blown in all directions at once. I felt as if I had no grounding. I felt totally and completely out of balance not only within myself but with the entire Universe. As if someone or something had taken away every part of me that was tied to our Mother and provider, Gaia-Mother Earth-Isis- or whatever name you give to our creation Deity that you honor. At first I was very sluggish then I got called into the store to do the paperwork to send an adorable puppy home; well somewhere during that transaction my mind and body went into hyper drive meaning I felt shaky, light headed and disconnected.

Finally realizing what was going on with myself, I knew I had to bring myself back to my center, balance my Energy and get grounded as quickly as possible. Side note I had talked to my Sister in Germany before I left for the store and again after I came back but before getting me back to being me and even being thousands of miles apart she could tell by not only the tone of my voice but also be the speed of which I was talking that something was up with me. Even snuggling with Cleopatra, who almost always help calm me wasn’t working, so I knew I was way, way off center and having a hard time getting back to it.

As I said in the beginning I am very tied to Mother Earth to help ground myself quickly I have a piece of petrified wood, that I found as a child and tumbled in my own rock polisher, that I hold on to, to help give me a focal point and a piece of Mother right in front of me in contact with my body. This helps to calm me enough to be able to cleanse my Chakras, start to center enough to be able to meditate. I also close my Crown Chakra by placing my power hand (the one you write with) over the crown Chakra area and imagine a Morning Glory closing.

The meditation I use for this is a guide one of my own making: I do deep breathing first imagining every muscle, tendon, bone, etc. to be melting into Mother after I feel pretty much completely relaxed; I picture myself bring a tree starting as a seed progressing into a beautiful full-grown tree (the type of tree seems to change each time I do this) with roots running deeply into Mother. This may take me anywhere from fifteen minutes up to an hour to do, but every minute spent in this meditation is well worth it for me as I will come out of it centered, balance, feeling a part of the Universe and most importantly to me part of our wonderful Mother again as well as being me.

About two hours after doing my meditation I was able to take Cleopatra (one of my Familiars) on a nice long walk through a field that has a decent size (I live two blocks from our town’s downtown area) stand of trees with a wonderful creek that runs through the middle of them. It was she who decided it was time to go home, I want to stay and bask in the wonders of Mother Earth. I want to watch the Sunset and the lovely Lady Moon come out just I had the privilege of watching the reverse the day before.

The next day I awoke after a peaceful night’s sleep feeling refreshed, centered, balanced and a small part of the whole of the Universe. In others words, I am me again with all my blessings as well as my faults. I am again connected not only to myself but to all things.

My wish for you is that you may feel the same. Blessed be

Copyright 2014 Lady Beltane