Wheel of the Year and Sabbats – Lesson 11

The answers for most of these questions can be found on the Witches of The Craft’s and Coven Life’s websites. For more information about any of the topics please search the internet.

I want all answers to be written in your own words and not words copied and pasted from websites. For the individual sabbats I would like to know a brief history, the date they are celebrated, which gods and goddesses are associated with them, brief explanation of the rituals done on them, and how else they are celebrated.

1) What is the Witch’s/Pagan’s Wheel of the Year?

2) What are the Witch’s/Pagan’s Sabbats?

3) What is the difference between a sabbat and an esbat?

4) What are the quarter days?

5) What are the fire festivals or cross-quarter days?

6) What is Yule/Winter Solstice?

7) What is Imbolc/Candlemas?

8) What is Ostara/Spring Equinox?

9) What is Beltane/ May Day?

10) What is Liths or Lith/Summer Solstice?

11) What is Lammas/ Lughnasadh?

12) What is Mabon/Fall Equinox?

13? What is Samhain/Halloween?


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