Making Your Book of Shadows – Lesson 0

Before you start any of the other lessons you will need a Book of Shadows (BOS) or Grimoire. A Book of Shadows will be your most personal magickal tool along with your wand. Please read “What is a Book of Shadows” and “Another Definition-Book of Shadows.” on Coven Life’s website for more background on this before deciding on what to use or how to decorate your BOS. Also, I would suggest making this BOS something simple and inexpensive as you grow in your craft something else will come along at some point that says, “Here I am I belong to you for use with your Magick.” I have personally gone through six different types of journals, notebooks, etcetera using them as my BOS’s in the time I have been practicing. I do not always copy all the information from one book into the new one. I had burn one intact because another witch stole it from me and then put dark magic type spells into my book and one I lost when I was moving around a lot. There also is nothing wrong with making one on your computer after you are through with your novice year studying with me or in addition to your written one. But for my wonderful novices I want you to get a sense of the importance of keeping track on the things you learn, rituals, you attend, maybe page or two for wildflower and/or herb identification, spells you write, my comments on your lessons….well I think you get the idea of just some of the things this personal book of magick can contain and I only suggested the tip of the iceberg. I want you to do your first BOS the old traditional way because many traditions are important in The Craft and to me, this is one of them.

  1. Chose some type of book or journal to use as a Book of Shadows/Grimoire. I would suggest some type of spiral notebook or loose leaf notebook paper in a folder or three-ring binder. Use whatever you want just make sure it will have enough pages or can be added to.
  2. Cleanse it using the elements. Read “How to Cleanse an Object Using the Elements” If using loose leaf notebook paper you should cleanse each piece as you add it to your folder or binder
  3. Every assignment you do the answers should be written in the BOS. You may move on to using something else as one in the future but the knowledge you are acquiring through these lessons are the foundation of your magickal working and of being a Witch.
  4. Send me a picture of your BOS.

Here are the links for two other posts on Coven Life concerning this  topic:

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