Power Ink Recipe and Full Moon Spell

A simple spell to invoke your own power, and the power of the full moon to manifest your needs and desires.


Power Ink Recipe and Full Moon Spell The Magick Kitchen800x656I lay there on a chase lounger, in the backyard closing my eyes and listening. The air was cool, and the breeze subtle. I could hear the leaves of the giant maple tree gently rustling above me. The fire was crackling slowly eating away at the pine logs. The muffled midnight chatter of the neighborhood was somehow soothing as I lay there.

Although, my eyes were closed I could feel her rising above me. Displaying her silver silent power over my body, filling my mind with motivating energy. I was taken back to my childhood, when I would sneak out of my bedroom window to the back yard, where I would lay in the grass bathing in her silver light.

She beckoned me in words unspoken, “Open your eyes and look upon me”. I slowly opening my eyes, there she was in the sky. As I stirred from my calm meditation, there she was bright and full. She looked distant and yet felt so close to me. For a moment, I thought I could touch her.

On the table before me, I set out candles, paper, a dip pen, and ink. The candles burned bright enough for me to see as I uncorked this unique ink. A dark purple ink made form cabbage. An ink that will be my conduit of power between myself and the moon on this night.

Invoking the power of the Full Moon is a common practice for many Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans. We draw down the moon, and perform dedicated rituals to the moon, both simple and elaborate. The lure and power of the Moon is infinite and rejuvenating. She speaks to use of the eternal cycles of femininity, life, death, and rebirth. She shows us her power in all forms, from light to dark. Perhaps this is why we love her so dearly.

Purple CabbageCabbage is not always something we think of when we discuss the full moon. In fact, I am confident many have never made the connection. I certainly did not immediately associate the two.

Cabbage is actually very connected to the full moon, as are many other round vegetables. Cabbage is believed to house all the powers of the moon and to promote power. In my findings cabbage makes an effective ink for full moon spell work. Ideally, purple cabbage. The power brought forth from the two are astonishing.

Below is a full moon spell you might want to try. It is very easy to set up and perform. It can also be applied to any need or desire.

Full Moon Power Spell & Cabbage Ink
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  1. 2C Sacred Water
  2. 2C Fresh Purple Cabbage, roughly chopped
  3. 2T White Vinegar
  1. Place cabbage, water, and vinegar in a sauce pan, and bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes.
  2. Strain out the cabbage and allow the liquid to simmer for another 10-15 minutes, reducing the liquid by more than half. You will want to stick close to your cabbage liquid as it simmers so it does not reduce too quickly and burn.
  3. Cool and store in a tight sealing glass container, like a canning jar.
Using this recipe for Magick
  1. As mentioned before Cabbage is very much linked to the moon. More so Purple Cabbage is linked to raising power. You may use this ink to write spells, Magickal recipes, and the like. Use it with a dip pen or quill on linen paper for best results. The simmering and reduction of the cabbage liquid creates a thin dark purple ink.
  2. Purple Cabbage is great for invoking power which is a universal and necessary aspect to any spell or ritual. This make the ink very versatile. It can be used in any spell when you are looking for a boost.
  3. As for using this ink in a specific spell, you only need to conduct your spell around writing. Once you create your circle or sacred space, use the Cabbage ink to scribe your specific intention.
  4. Next you will burn the paper to release and send off the spell’s energy. As noted in the beginning of this post, I prefer to do this under the direct light of the moon, outside by a small fire. You can do this any time you see fit. Feel free to chant, sing, or meditate on your words and intention as necessary. It really is that simple.
  5. You can also use this ink to color items like cloth and eggs. So think of other ways you can use your ink.
By Leandra Witchwood ©2015, The Magick Kitchen

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