Protection Chants (part 4)

Curse Protection  

Turner be turned Burner be burned

All that will find me is what is good

So that all may be as it should

Nightmare Protection

Go away evil dreams

I know you are not what you seem

Go away, stay far from my sight

So I can sleep through this blessed night

Gianne, Lady (2013-11-10). Magical Chants (Kindle Locations 142-145). . Kindle Edition.

Spell for Creativity ( part 3) A Spell to Change Outmoded Patterns

Once you’ve identified the patterns you want to change in your life, make one small gesture that expresses your intent. Then, on the first night of the Full Moon, jot down your desire on a sheet of paper, in ink of a color that seems appropriate for what you want. For instance, if your wish is to be more creative with your financial investments, then use green ink. Or, if you want to be more creative in your professional life, use gold ink. Then light two candles of a close or matching color and read your wish out loud three times. Back the words with emotion— say them as if you mean them. Tuck your written desire under a power object and let the candles burn out naturally. On the second night of the Full Moon, light two more candles of the same color. Repeat your wish three times. Then touch the paper to one of the flames and say: As this paper is burning, I release my wish, my need, My deepest yearnings, A new life’s seed. When the second set of candles has burned out on its own, toss it out.

Singer, Marian; MacGregor, Trish (2004-08-06). The Only Wiccan Spell Book You’ll Ever Need: For Love, Happiness, and Prosperity (pp. 160-161). F+W Media, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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