Spell to Find What is Lost


Easy spells can be just as successful as complicated ones, but remember that the effort you put into a spell is part of where its energy comes from. Easy is fine as long as you don’t get lazy about it.

Find What is Lost

A little chant may not seem like a real spell, but it can still bring magickal results if you put your heart into it. Use this spell when you are looking for something you’ve misplaced in your home. You just need a white candle.

Light the candle, and put it in a holder that is easy to carry. Begin to walk from room to room with it, repeating the following:

I need what I seek
Give me a peek
Draw my eyes
For my prize.

Let your eyes wander around until you feel drawn to the spot where your missing item is hiding.

From: http://www.free-witchcraft-spells.com/easy-spells.html


2 thoughts on “Spell to Find What is Lost

    1. Thank you. I like simple spells that are easy to memorize when by NOW isn’t handy but I need to do something for myself or a friend or family.
      Warning read the before doing any spell: To spend on the fly though is for those advanced in The Craft never for beginners.


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