A Basic Guide to Working with the Elements


There a four basic elements most Wiches work with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. There is also a fifth Spirit
which we commune with and use on a daily bases.

When working with and using the elements for spellcraft and rituals please make sure to always dismiss
them and tell them to go back from where they came with your thanks. Not doing so can cause some
strange things to happen where ever you may have used them, i.e. in your home electronics might act up,
feeling a draft for no reason, hearing water running when none is, etc.

Spirit is used any time you call upon a God and/or Goddess and/or an Archangel for help with something.
This element does not usually cause anything strange to happen if you do not send it back. You still should
thank whom ever you called upon to lend power and help to whatever you are doing.

The element of Air is most commonly called upon when needing help with somethig that is intelligents, i.e.
home work, getting a job done by a deadline, some times just thinking straight, etc.

The element of Water is most commonly used when dealing with something involving emotions. By this I do
not mean bending another persons free will trying to make them feel a certain way. In this case you maybe
dealing with grief of someone who just crossed over (died) and want the grief to lessen some, or asking the
Universe to help you find your true love, if you are feeling down, etc. Asking for help in finding your true
love is not the same as asking for a specific person to fall in love with you.

The element of Fire is commonly used for transition, i.e. going from being a child to an adult, moving from
one place to another and asking for help in finding the right place for you, going from working to being
home all the time or vise-virsa etc.

The element of Earth is used to help you feel more intune with your self and those you are around. To
ground you, not as in punishment but as in not feeling so confused and/or not yourself for no apparent

The four basic elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth can be used together for certain types of spell work and
each should always be represented on your Altar when preforming any type of Ritual. The fifth Element of
Spirit is always a guiding force during Rituals and should also be represented on your Altar.

Examples of what can be used to represent the Elements on your Altar:

Air set in the East – a feather, hatched wild birds egg, incenses or yellow candle, bird’s nest

Water set in the West – a bowl of tap water or rain water or melted snow (this is usually used in
transformation work), bowl of sea salt or blue candle

Fire set in the South – a red candle or if outside and/or if you have a fireplace on a south wall a real wood
burning fire is possible

Earth set in the North – a bowl of regular table salt, a bowl of dirt from your yard or a green candle

Spirit set in either the Northeast or Nortwest (I always set mine in the Northeast as I feel Spirit and Air
usually work together) – an Angel and/or Goddess and/or God statue or white candle. SPirit can also be
represented by having something in the Northest to represt Goddess (female aspect) and something in the
Northwest to represent God (the male aspect. NOt all witches or traditions of witchcraft work with the duality
of all things also known as the female and male aspects.

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QUICK SPELL Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. You will need the following items: one red candle, one green candle, almond oil and jasmine incense, a pen and your Book of Shadows. Use the oil to anoint the candles and your forehead. Sit silently for a few moments and then ask the Goddess to guide your meditation. Light the red candle and say: May the goddess Flora bring me everlasting love and companionship. So mote it

Perform the following meditation: It is May. Picture yourself sitting on a hilltop and surveying the land around you. Flowers are in full bloom, birds are singing and a soft breeze wafts across the meadow bringing with it the scent of lilacs, roses and lily of the valley. The fragrance is so intoxicating that you feel your senses heightened to the point of superhuman ability. The happenings in the extreme distance seem like only a few yards away and you are part of them.

What do you see – you and your loving partner or, if you are single, the partner of your dreams? Breathe deeply and bring this colourful picture closer and brighter. Enjoy. Then move to the next scene – you partaking in a creative endeavour you have been aching to try. Breathe deeply and bring the colourful vision closer and brighter. Concentrate. Now look again and see the final scene. What do you see – love, success, happy pastimes? Breathe deeply and bring the picture closer and into colourful focus. Release it, give thanks and return to the present. Write the details of your visualization in your Book of Shadows and read it daily for inspiration.

Zurich, Holly (2011-02-21). Simple Wiccan Magick Spells and Ritual Ceremony (Kindle Locations 919-924). Amazon.com. Kindle Edition.

Drawing Down the Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual (with Drawing Down into moonstones)

A group of us got together to perform this ritual. It is based on one they did 5 years ago. At that time, they drew the moon down into one of the other participants so it originally had more protective elements built into that ritual. This is a shortened version for drawing down the moon into the Moonstones.

Portions taken from a ritual at

Items needed:


Candles: white, red, black

Cakes and ale

Ground & Center
(as usual)
Cast the Circle

(walking around the circle first with the white candle, then with the red candle, and thirdly with the black candle)

(light the white candle)

Maiden, cast your circle white, Weave a web of healing light.

Round and Round the Circle’s Cast, Joining Present, Future and Past

(light the red candle)

Mother, cast your circle red, Weave the strands of family threads.

This Sacred Space shall now be Bound, As I cast this Circle Round.

(light the black candle)

Grandmother Crone, cast your circle black, Weave the wisdom that we lack.

Thrice is the Circle cast this Night and thus begins our Magick Rite.
Call the Elements

Hail Mighty Ones of the Airy Tower. Guard this circle with your power.

Powers of Air weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.

Till we send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Fiery Tower. Guard this circle with your power.

Powers of Fire weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.

Till we send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

“Hail Mighty Ones of Water’s Tower. Guard this circle with your power.

Powers of Water weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.

Till we send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Earthly Tower. Guard this circle with your power.

Powers of Earth weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.

Till we send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

Declaration of the Circle

As Above, So Below

As Without, So Within

As the Universe, So the Soul

In this space out side of time, we stand between the worlds

What we do between the worlds, is felt in all the worlds

Call down the moon

“Oh, Triple Goddess of the Moon,

You have been known by many names in many lands in many times.

You shine down upon us and bathe us in Your light and love.

We ask You, O Divine One, to honor us by joining with us tonight,

And allowing us to feel Your presence within our hearts.

Bless these stones, infusing them with Your divine wisdom”
Petition the Goddess

“Goddess of grace, Goddess of power, Goddess of wisdom,

We come here from our separate ways with our separate troubles,

We join together to celebrate and welcome you on this night,

We ask you to show us what we need to be shown,

To give us the things we need to be given,

And ease our hearts’ strife where we require ease,

Goddess we come to ask this and ask your power within us and these stones to guide us”

Chant to Raise Power/Energy

Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone

Spirit, Flower, Ivy, Bone

Energy we Raise and Hone

Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone

(direct energy into moonstones)

(Each person picks out a stone, and then meditates for a few minutes with it)

Cakes & Ale

Goddess, we thank you for blessings and abundance

Join with us, Feast with us, Enjoy us!

Blessed be

(offering to each member in turn)


May you never hunger, may you never thirst-

Release the Goddess

Grandmother Crone, for the wisdom now woven in our hearts

We offer our thanks as you depart.

Mother, we thank you for the bonds of friends and family

Depart in Peace, and Blessed be.

Maiden Fair, Release us now to times natural flow.

And hear our thanks, as in peace you go.

Release the Elements
“Powers of earth, with thanks from my heart
An ye will, ye may depart.

“Powers of water, with thanks from my heart
An ye will, ye may depart.

“Powers of fire with thanks from my heart
An ye will, ye may depart.

“Powers of air with thanks from my heart
An ye will, ye may depart.

Open the Circle

(walk widdershins around the circle once with each candle)

“Black Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.

I now Dissolve this Sacred Space and send all Powers back to place.

(extinguish the black candle)

Red Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.

Stay if you can, Go if you must, with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

(extinguish the red candle)

White Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.

My Work is finished for the Night/Day and now I End my Magick Rite/Way.”

(extinguish the white candle)

Thrice Cast, and Thrice released

The Circle is open, but unbroken

Blessed Be

Re-Ground (if needed)

Take a deep breath, and release it. Take another breath, following your breath to the swirling energy in your center. Feel the energy in your center. Feel how it fits inside you. Decide if you’ve got too much energy or not enough. On your next breath, let the energy move down to your feet. Now let it flow down into the earth like roots. Past the concrete, past the top soil, past the stones and bones of our ancestors. if you had too much energy, let the extra flow down into the warm center of the earth. If you need a little boost — you’ve got a bit of a cold or just need a little extra, bring some of that warm earth energy back up with your breath. When you feel that your energy balance is just right, pull your roots back in. and when you are ready, return to the group

By Wolf Woman Ways Copyright April 2015