Spell/Prayer for PUT for Better Ah

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This is something else that is in my morning prayers daily and I also carry a stone with me empowered by the spell you can do too. I have to black stones empowered with this spell/prayer one is all little bigger then the pad of my thumb and triangular in shape. The other is bigger and has what looks like an Angel with it’s wings opened. When I first found the second one it was a fluke it was in a bag of river stones my older daughter had got for some landscape project at her old house. I was watering the plants we had just put in the ground and of course the rocks around them got wet. I looked down and saw the Angel, when the rock dried it was gone again but now from carrying it in my pocket and rubbing it the Angel shows all the time now.

To use as a spell you will need:

1 Black rock that you can have in your pocket to use like a worry stone as needed.

Running water to cleanse the stone of all energy but it and yours

A place in the Sun preferably outside where you can sit it on the ground on a day with a breeze

This should be done during the waxing or full Moon phases

If doing this to empower the black stone repeat it three times  at the end add “These are my words, This is my will for me. The following is said once, “So mote it be.”

The spell/prayers is as follows:

I ask for help with


Understanding and


for better

Acceptance of people, places, things, situations, attitudes, what people may say to or about me and the                          way they sometimes speak to me so I may live in better

Harmony within myself, family, home, work and world.

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