How to Write a Spell

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When writing a spell the one thing that will affect it the most is the intent you have when writing and chanting it. There are certain things every spell should have in it. A spell also does not just affect the person casting it but has long-range effects you may never know about. This is why I will never do a spell that affects another person or living thing’s free will, such as a spell to make someone fall in love with a specific person.

You should never cast a spell, even a healing spell, for or on someone without their permission and/or knowledge.

Before casting a spell have what you desire it to do firmly in your mind, even visualize the outcome if you can. This helps the spell be stronger and gives it more chance in coming to fruition.

When writing the spell the things it should include are:

Who – Who is the spell for or who is it going to effect

What – What specifically is the spell for and what do you want the outcome of it to be

When – When do you want the spell to start working – immediately, tomorrow, next week, etc

How – How is the spell suppose to work – is it suppose to bring something to you or send something away?

Where – This can mean 2 things either where you will do the spell or where is the spell suppose to work.

Always ask yourself WHY am I writing this spell? What do I want the end result from it to be? When do I want it to happen? Who do I want it to happen to and how do I want it to happen? If  you are a novice Witch if you copy nothing else from this post into your Book of Shadows please copy the preceding two sentences. It gives you all the parts you need to include in a spell.

Copyright 2015 Lady Beltane

What is a Book of Shadows?


A Book of Shadows (sometimes called a BOS) or Grimoire is your personal book and first magickal tool. It should contain all the rituals and spells you do. It can also contain information on herbs, essential oils, Gods, and Goddesses. Corresponding colors, days of the week, Moon phases, etc for the best outcome of a spell. In mine I also jot a note or two on how the spell worked. If not so well then I try to think of why it didn’t and make a note of that also. Basically your Book of Shadows or Grimoire is your Witches journal or diary so you can put anything in it pertaining to The Craft that you want to.

A Book of Shadows doesn’t have to be fancy like the one pictured. It can be as simple as a spiral notebook. I suggest using a three-ring binder that you can decorate yourself so you can add page to it easily; as your knowledge in The Craft grows so will your Book of Shadows. The color of the binder itself is a personal choice. My profile picture is a Celtic Pentagram that I colored in myself and it adorns my Book of Shadows which has grown into a medium size three-ring binder. I will be getting a larger one when I find the right size and color I want.

No one else should ever pick up and/or go through your Book of Shadows because it should only contain your energy. After all you wouldn’t just let anyone read a regular diary or journal…right?