New Moon Coven Gathering Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Socializing starts at 7:00PM CT

Circle starts at 7:15 PM CT SHARP

Please do not enter the chat room once the circle has started. Thank you!


Coven Life’s Chat Room


1 Ice cube

1 Fresh Leaf of any kind

2 Paper Towels to set the leaf on


This month we honor the coming of colder weather, the frost that comes with it and the goddess Hekate, who helps bring in the shorter days of this month.

LADY BELTANE: Merry meet and welcome to our circle for November.

EVERYONE: Merry greet. Please give your first name and state or country you live in.

LADY BELTANE: I cast this circle three times three. I take us to a place that is not a place. I take us to time out of time. Into the abyss, we proceed with the knowledge that Hekate will guide and protect us.

We will have a two-minute meditation to allow our energies to combine and raise within our circle.

Lay your paper towels flat in front of you and place the leaf on top of them. Take the ice cube (you may want to wrap a paper towel around part of it so it is not as cold when you hold it) in your power hand. Start running the ice along the leaf from where it attaches to tree to the tip of it.  Repeat doing this until you have gone over the entire leaf starting in the right side and finishing on the left Continue reading “New Moon Coven Gathering Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 7:00 PM CT”


Announcing November’s Customer’s Appreciation Gift……..

Witches Of The Craft®

Presenting November’s Customer’s Appreciation Gift…….

                                                                                  Yule Chime candle holder

The Official Description:   This beautiful chime candle holder is intended to give your Yule season a little more cheer, featuring interchangeable top-pieces that can be Angels, a Clown, or a Horse. Height will vary slightly depending on the top chosen.  7″ x 4′ x 4″

Now on a personal note: This beautiful candle holder is not only  for the Yule season but it can be used during any season. The top  can be changed to any design you might like, for example on Ostara, an Ostara egg would be perfect and you can let your imagination go on and on; a child’s birthday, a pretty little unicorn, Summer, an…

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Binding Spell for General Use

Witches Of The Craft®

Binding Spell for General Use

Take a piece of light-weight cardboard and draw images and write words on it to represent the evils that you wish to bind…examples being a man with an X crossing out his heart to show it is closed, words like Greed, Irresponsibility, disrespect, etc…then crumple the cardboard up into a loose ball.
Take a piece of black yarn and wind it around the cardboard twenty one times. With each time you loop the string around the cardboard, say one line of the following chant…

With the thread of the crimes
of your own design
I bind your evil
Three time seven times.
I bind you from Behind
I bind you from Before
That you’ll hurt my people
never ever more
I bind you fro mteh Left
I bind you from the Right
I bind you by Day
And I bind you by Night.
I bind…

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New moon

Here’s a practice that can support you with having greater balance and abundance. Really just some ideas to get you in the mood. Listen to your own wise woman within and the truth of your own felt experience to guide you.

1) Deepen into your breathing until you feel your body relax and your heart soften. Let yourself be present to whatever is most troubling or challenging to you right now. Shift from thinking about it to allowing yourself feel it in your body.

Keep breathing into your belly and give whatever you are feeling room to just to BE (or move, growl, weep…) without judging or trying to fix anything about it or make it go away. Befriend what is actually there.

2) Then simply ask, “What are you pointing to that I’m really wanting, desiring, longing for?” Because there is something here that you really value (or else it wouldn’t be trying to get your attention).

3) Now gently shift your awareness to this desire, to what is being illuminated.  Let yourself rest there, in the presence of that. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of having it, imagining it. Here it is: handled, manifested, all yours. Let your body, heart and soul remember what it’s like to have it fulfillment. Because here is a big truth: you cannot desire that which you do not already know. 

Keep resting in the remembering. And visit often. Love what you love. Because that feels good. Just let your nervous system rewire itself around that. Allow each of your cells to absorb the nourishment they’re so hungry for.

New Moon moments are supercharged to support shifts in thinking, realignment with truth, a reset so you can get back on track. I invite you to join me in using the moment wisely. Especially for the next few days, endeavor to notice what you’re feeding with your attention. When you find yourself on a speeding train of negative thinking, celebrate the awareness and reach for gratitude instead. You’re the creator and author of your life, not a victim of it. You are at choice.

You are a daughter of the divine; life is created through your body. Put a hand on your belly and rest in knowing that you posses that kind of awesome superpower. Without efforting, you have the magnetic ability to draw to you what you want. You do not have to default to the hypermasculine programming that trained us all to make things happen by soldiering on with fight, push and grit.

Well you can if you want to. But it’s not the only way.

Air Meditation

Witches Of The Craft®

Air Meditation

Relax and get comfortable.
Take three deep breaths.

You are standing on an open cliff, overlooking a prairie below.  It is shortly before dawn and you have come here to do your magickal work.

The sky is muted, pale blue overhead fading into a gentle rose-pink near the eastern horizon where the sun will rise.  Relax as you stand on the cliff, watching the sky.  Whisps of clouds drift by, strings of gray stretching across the horizon.  They are distant and lazy, and you know they will burn off by morning.

~~Long pause~~

The air currents are still as you breathe deep in the chill, yet soon-to-warm, morning and your breath steams out, hovering in front of you.  For just a moment before its gone.  Now, step to the edge of the cliff and stretch your hands out to the sky.  In a voice that echoes across the…

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Daily Meditation

Witches Of The Craft®

Daily Meditation

I have broken down this exercise into three parts. You may want to start by learning the first part and working with it for a few weeks before adding in the second and third part.
(1) When rising in the morning, look to the Sun and recite the following prayer to her:

“Hail to you, O Sun of the seasons,
As you traverse the lofty skies,
Your way is strong on the wings of the heavens,
You are the Glorious Mother of the stars.
You have your lying down in the destructive ocean,
Without harming, without fear,
You rise on the serene wave crest,
As a queen, a woman in bloom.”

Greet the Sun each morning with this prayer and let Her rays shine down on your head, blessing you and making you healthy and vigorous (and remember to have your head uncovered).

While reciting this prayer, remember…

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Oh, Holy Night! Celebrating Hekate of the Underworld

November 16 is the modern celebration of Hekate of the Underworld. Although I’m not certain of the origins, I know I’ve been observing this festival for at least a decade. I did a bit of digging to try to find out where this event started and I found this link from 2009. Since that time the festival has evolved from being an all-purpose night honoring Our Lady to one that focuses exclusively on Hekate as Queen of the Underworld. Honestly, I have no idea how this happened. Let’s just say that Hekate wants it this way.

The Witches Spell for Thursday, May 18th – Spell to increase Spiritual Awareness

Witches Of The Craft®

The Witches Spell for Thursday, May 18th

Spell to increase Spiritual Awareness

Tools needed:
Bowl of natural spring water
7 day Purple candle
Altar Fire (red) candle
Anointing Oil
Sandalwood Incense
Options: Rune symbols

On your altar, or your quiet and sacred place, take three deep breaths of air and begin to ground and center yourself. Light the altar candle and sandalwood incense. Ask the Lord and Lady to bless this spell with the highest good of all. Gently sprinkle the purple candle with some of the spring water, repeating:

“I cleanse thee oh ye magical tool in the name of the Lord and Lady, removing all negative and disharmonious energies casting them out into the ethers.”

Now, move the purple candle over the sandalwood incense repeating:

“I consecrate oh ye magickal tool in the name of the Lord and Lady, removing all negative and disharmonious energies casting them out…

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