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Ostara and Mabon Sabbats also March Full Moon

Gathering on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We will inform you here when the ritual, time, and the link for the chat room is posted in March. To read this information click on Rituals them Sabbats on our menu. All witches and pagans are welcome to attend. If it is the first time you will be in our chat room please scroll down this page to read “Curtsey Guidelines for All Gatherings.” Thank you and we look forward to you joining us!

COVEN LIFE Mission Statement

The main purposes of the Coven Life website and the Coven Life’s Elders is to teach novice and adept level witches. To have an online coven where anyone that practices The Craft will feel welcome to join us for gatherings on Esbats and/or Sabbats and/or for our open chats.

Merry meet and merry greet to all who have found us. Welcome to Coven Life which is home to an online coven and a school that offers courses for novice and adept witches. Please scroll down to get the link for class information

Thank you for stopping by! Grab a beverage and a snack if you want and cruise through our pages for informative and interesting articles about many different pagan paths and other information relating to The Old Ways/The Craft. Our site is a little unusual for a witchcraft website because as a school for new witches we also try to incorporate articles about things happening on or to Mother Earth. So don’t be surprised if you come across articles about endangered animals, or archeological digs that have led to finding temples or cities connected in some way to The Craft or a God and/or Goddess. If you would like more information on a specific topic please let us know by sending an email to covenlifescoven@gmail.com and we will see what we can do about getting you some information posted on the website. Please do not expect a direct email to you from your inquiry for the topic you ask about unless it has to do with becoming a student or coven member.

We come together in peace, love, and harmony as brothers and sister to learn from and teach one another, to rejoice in honoring the Goddess and her Consort. We come from many different traditions of witchcraft to form an eclectic website and coven. We are all open-minded and try to let everyone voice to be heard. If you would like to submit an original article to appear on this website please send the article and the name you would like to use for us to give credit to the author. The Coven Life Elders will review it before we post it. We will send you an email telling you if it was accepted to be posted or not. If we are not going to post it we will explain why. Send your article for consideration to covenlifescoven@gmail.com Please put “Article for Consideration” as the subject line. Thank you.

We hold online coven gatherings for either the New or Full Moon Esbats and all Sabbats which are open to all pagan who would like to join us. We are witches and pagans that gather from all over Mother Earth to come together in love, peace, and harmony to learn and celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats.

Click on “Daily Posts” and scroll down to find the complete ritual for the upcoming Northern and Southern Hemispheres Sabbat or Esbat gathering.  Or follow us so all gatherings information and our daily articles come directly to your inbox then you can just click on the link to be taken right to what you want to read. All witches and pagans are welcome to attend our gatherings. Please scroll down on this page and read our Gathering and Open Chat Guidelines.

Here is the link for Coven Life’s Chatroom


We offer work at your own pace Novice and Adept lessons. For more information on novice, classes scroll over “Novice Class Info” and click on “Classes” in the drop-down box. An outline of Adept Lessons will be posted there soon. Coven Life School Information

Courtesy Guidelines for All Coven Gatherings

Before the sacred circle starts at 7:00 PM Central Time in the USA anyone entering the chat room is welcomed to socialize with anyone else that is there. Socializing time starts at 6:00 PM CT for Esbat and Sabbat gatherings Ask Lady Beltane or one of Priestesses or Priest questions about lessons or anything else. During Open Chats please come and go anytime you want to. Please check our Homepage under “Coven Life Events” for dates and times of the open chats.

Once the circle starts ALL SOCIALIZING AND COMMENTS must stop unless you see the word EVERYONE come up in the ritual feed.  You will get one warning if you break this guideline. If you do it a second time you will be asked to and expected to leave the gathering immediately. There will be no exceptions to this guideline. If you do not leave you will be banned forever from ever entering Coven Life’s chatroom again.

No one should enter or leave the chat room from 7:00 PM CT until the circle is finished. To enter or leave the chat room (your computer or internet provider knocking you out of the chat room during this time is the only exception for re-entering the circle) during this time breaks the circle and whoever is leading the circle needs to take their time and energy to close it up again.

All electronics in the room you are in during the sacred circle part of the gathering should be shut off except for the device you are using to access the chat room.

Anyone attending a gathering is welcome to stay after the circle is done to visit with the others and/or offer other ideas for the ritual performed at that gathering.

No one will be allowed to use hurtful or, discriminatory or foul or rude language in the chat room at any time during an Esbat or Sabbat gathering. Anyone not following this guideline will be told to leave the socializing time or the ritual immediately and be banned from the chat room immediately forever.

These are simple guidelines and show courtesy to all coven members and visitors. Not obeying all of the guidelines can get you banned from the Coven Life chatroom forever.

Any questions about these guidelines can be sent to Lady Beltane at covenlifescoven@gmail.com with the subject line “For Lady B Guideline Question.”


Coven Life’s Chatroom

We host open chats twice a month for people to stop in for as long as they like to get to know others in The Craft, questions and answers about The Craft. or whatever anyone wants to talk about within reason. They are held on the second and fourth Saturday’s of the month for the time please see the banner “Coven Life’s Events”

This is not a place to try to hook up with anyone for a date!

Please read all Curtsey Guidelines above before entering the chatroom for coven gatherings or open chats. Thank you!


If you would like to contact us please write to:


We answer all emails as soon as possible.

Under no circumstances do we do any type of spells and/or rituals for individuals/ So please do not even ask us if we would.