Why does Coven Life Charge for Novice and Adept Courses and Ask for Donation From Other Readers

I am kind of sure you get tired of seeing posts asking for a donation on this site for another site. This time I am asking for help to bring you a wider content of subjects to Coven Life’s website. All I ask is you read this post and think about making a small donation

I know if I was asked to pay a fee to take a course to learn The Craft and/ or if I found a website asking for a small donation to help keep it running that is open to the public for anyone to read any articles for free, I would ask myself why do they need money.

So I thought I should give you the approximate amounts it takes monthly to keep this website and our private chat room, open to any coven member and/or guest as a safe place to talk to others in The Craft and to hold ritual gatherings in.

Here are the approximate monthly and yearly costs Coven Life has to pay as with anything these costs could go up from the companies we pay them too at any time:

Electricity $30.00 per month

Internet connection (1/2 of total monthly fee I’m charged because my internet connection is used for personal connection also) $20.00 per month

Coven Life’s Private Chat Room $48.00 per year

Coven Life’s Domain Name: $33.00 per year

Right now the website is free but if we want to still be able to post songs and/or videos we have to change from the free plan to a “Personal (Premium) Plan” the cost is on special at the moment for $28.00 per month instead of the normal $48.00 per month it could increase back to WordPress normal fee at anytime. We want and enjoy being able to bring you links for pagan songs and videos plus maybe do a podcast of our gatherings live when possible but cannot for lack of funding.

All Coven Life’s staff members including myself have benn, are, and will continue being unpaid volunteers.

So maybe once a month you could skip a coffee from one of those high price coffee places. Or keep your change when you make purchase with cash wherever. Than take the change into the bank once a month, have it deposit to your account and than donate to Coven Life. Even if it is only $1.00 or $2.00 a month every little bit helps.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help us give you an informative website and private chat room (open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you to use to talk with other witches, students, coven members or Elders.

With love and graditude,

Lady Beltane and the CL Staff

Courtesy Guidelines for All Coven Gatherings and Open Chats

Before the sacred circle starts at 7:00 PM Central Time in the USA anyone entering the chat room is welcomed to socialize with anyone else that is there. Socializing time starts at 6:00 PM CT for Esbat and Sabbat gatherings Ask Lady Beltane questions about lessons or anything else. During Open Chats please come and go anytime you want to. Please check our Homepage under “Coven Life Events” for dates and times of the open chats.

Once the circle starts ALL SOCIALIZING AND COMMENTS must stop unless you see the word EVERYONE in the ritual.  You will get one warning if you break this guideline. If you do it a second time you will be asked to and expected to leave the gathering immediately. There will be no exceptions to this guideline. If you do not leave you will be banned forever from ever entering Coven Life’s chatroom again.

No one should enter or leave the chat room from 7:00 PM CT until the circle is finished. To enter or leave the chat room (computer knocking you out of the chat room during this time is the only exception for re-entering the circle) during this time breaks the circle and whoever is leading the circle needs to take their time and energy to close it up again.

All electronics in the room you are in during the gathering should be shut off except for the device you are using to access the chat room.

No one will be allowed to use foul and/or rude language in the chat room at any time during an Esbat or Sabbat gathering or during the open chats. Anyone not following this guideline will be banned from the chat room immediately forever.

Anyone attending a gathering is welcome to stay after the circle is done to visit with the others and/or offer other ideas for the ritual performed at that gathering.

These are simple guidelines and show courtesy to all coven members and visitors. Not obeying all of the guidelines will get you banned from the Coven Life chatroom forever.

Any questions about these guidelines can be sent to Lady Beltane at covenlifescoven@gmail.com with the subject line “For Lady B Guideline Question.”

A Simple Chalice and Offering Plate

During rituals is it common to have a drink and something to eat that you share with the God and/or Goddess you call upon to help you give more strength to your spell and/or ritual.

A “chalice” does not have to be an expensive or even inexpensive vessel like looks similar to or is a wine glass. The offering bowl or plate does not have to be a certain size or shape or even have a particular design on it. Here again, we come to the part of me telling you a simple and pretty inexpensive way of having both items.

There are tea/coffee mugs sold that come with a lid to help keep your beverage hot and/or to set your used tea bag on. I have one with a Chinese design that I use often when I am using the smaller space I have for an altar in my den. You can use the cup as your chalice and the lid as the offering plate. I found mine in a thrift store and paid I think $3.00 or $4,00 USD for the set. Look around at garage or yard sales, thrift stores for a set or they carry them also on Amazon.com for a reasonable price.

You can also go to your cabinet in your kitchen and find a glass or cup no one uses often and bless that to be your chalice. As for the offering plate or bowl again look through your cabinets for something you feel you could use for this.

No one says gathering your magickal tools needs to be an expensive investment. Look around for items you already own or find cheaply at a sale and/or thrift store and/or dollar store. Remeber to thoroughly cleanse and consecrate them for use as one of your magical tools before using them in a ritual.

Hearth of Hellenism: Freedom from Spiritual Slavery

Being a Greek my self and having experienced Orthodox Christianity I too can agree and understand the authors perspectives and of course frustrations. Pagans are described as barbaric by the Fathers of these churches. Interesting interpretation…..

Mathey 7:3
“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye”

Interesting read and hippocracy at its best……..


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Simple Way to Make Your Personal Candle for Your Altar

When setting up your altar you should have a candle that represents you. This candle would be lit first and then used to light the incense if you are using one, and your candle representing Fire or to start burning anything you may need to burn during for ritual.

First chose the type of candle you want, a pillar or a 12 inch/30.48cm taper candle or a smaller candle. Using a smaller candle means making your personal candle more often. I find the taper candle is the easiest to work with when lighting my incense and the Fire elemental candle. If you chose a pillar candle it should be unscented. The color can be any color with the exception of black. The color could be your favorite color or whatever color you feel drawn to make it from. Next using your Atheme or another sharp object if you do not have one yet (You can bless a kitchen knife you rarely use or even a letter opener as an Atheme – some Witches would disagree with me on using one of these objects but as I know how money can be tight and you might not be able to purchase a regular Atheme I figure use what you already have to make the item into one) inscribe your first name and last name you were given at birth or adopted parents surname you grew up and if you have one your Witches/Spirit name. You can write the name or names in the alphabet of your country or with Runes, Ogham or other “Magical” alphabet there are samples of different ones on this website, to find them use the search box and put in the word “alphabet.” Hold the candle in your non-writing hand start your name from the end with the wick showing going downward. Turn the candle each time you write a name so you have a fresh surface to write on, the exception being your given first and last names they should be in the same line.  Next starting from the top and moving in a downward motion use your favorite or an all-purpose essential oil saying this spell “This candle is a sacred representation of me to be used during meditation, spells, and rituals to light my way”. You will use the oil three times turning the candle so it covers different parts of it each time and repeat the spell each time you apply the oil. Pick out a special candle holder that you either already have that has a special meaning for you or you can purchase one that when you hold it, it feels as if it is supposed to be with you from a dollar or thrift store. You can also get out Magical Necessities for one that catches your eye. Some witches say you should not blow a candle out but use a snuffer others, myself included say it is ok to blow them out. I usually blow mine out because of the belief that the smoke carries whatever I used the candle for out into the universe.

Magical Necessities carries many different types of candles, candle holders, essential oils including an all-purpose one on sale at the writing of this post as buy one get one free,

Below are the direct links to the items mentioned above that are for sale at Magickal Necessities:


Candle Holders

Candle Accessories

BOGOF Oils I suggest even if you buy other oils to get the All-Purpose Oil just incase a spell calls for an oil you do not have on hand

Regular Priced Oils

Ritual Athemes

Any question please write to me at covenlifescoven@gmail.com



Depression & Witchcraft: Healing the Unexpected Shadow

I went into this year knowing that it would be a hard year of witchcraft. I was going into an intensive year of shadow work at the Temple of Witchcraft as well as Sacred Fires tradition. I carry a lot of trauma from my childhood and while I had mentally processed it and rationalized everything, I hadn’t actually emotionally processed anything.

There are a lot of articles on shadow work out there, particularly from those fairly new to their paths, and I am going to be very honest with you: don’t do it until you are ready. You may never be ready in this life, and that is okay as well. When I was at PantheaCon this past year I met a truly amazing person who had lost someone dear to him because they had jumped into this kind of work without having the skill set to carry them through it. Witchcraft has very real consequences and should be treated appropriately.


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The Wiccan Rede and Threefold Law: Not as Stupid as You Think

Not too long ago I wrote about some of the stereotypes that plague Traditional Witchcraft. The overall message was that making broad generalizations or stereotypes about an entire group of people, especially when based off limited knowledge or experience, is never a good thing. Unfortunately, this still happens (for several reasons) and it’s obviously not limited to just Traditional Witches. Wiccans too are faced with many stereotypes and generalizations made about their path. One of the most popular and ridiculous sentiments being that Wicca is “Witchcraft without teeth.”

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New Zodiac Signs: Ophiuchus

Witches Of The Craft®

New Zodiac Signs: Ophiuchus

In the world of astronomy there is some shocking news from the Minnesota Planetarium Society which announced that they have discovered the moon’s gravitational pull on Earth and its affect on the alignment of  stars which has  pushed them by about a month.  What’s this mean for those that look to the stars and get a daily scoop on their horoscope to have an insight into their life?  It means the signs may be changing.  For example, when astrologers say that the sun is in Pisces, it really is not in Pisces.

When a person is born, they are born under a sign which is determined by the position of the sun on the day they enter the world.  With the current news, this means that everything we though we knew about our horoscope sign is no longer correct.  Since the inception of astrology it has…

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Ophiuchus- 13th Zodiac Sign

Witches Of The Craft®

Ophiuchus- 13th Zodiac Sign

The shocking news announced by  the Minnesota Planetarium Society  introduces our new planetary constellation, Ophiuchus, which has Sagittarians and Capricorns scattering to learn about their new place in the charts and their new sign.  Although the constellation has been around since ancient times, it has not been included as a zodiac sign. Ophiuchus is a large constellation that is located around the celestial equator and is represented as a man that is grasping a snake which is divided into two parts that is represented by the constellation Serpens.

Ophiuchus is located between Serpens, Aquila and Hercules, and northwest of the center of the Milky Way. And is best known as Serpentariaus.  Our new sign is the only sign in the Zodiac that is associated with a  pre-existing man.  The man, Imhotep was a man of the  27th century and considered to have great accomplishments in life…

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